Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps may frequently be the result of a simple allergic reaction, but sufferers can find themselves with breathing problems and serious sleep issues, not to mention decreased senses of taste and smell. The first line of defense for nasal polyps is usually a corticosteroid spray, and for many this takes care of the problem. When it doesn’t, our physicians can remove the polyps.

Plains ENT offers polyps treatment in Fargo, Carrington and surrounding areas in eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.

Common allergies like pet dander, dust and pollen can cause nasal polyps. When people are prone to allergies their mucous membranes within the nasal passages can become inflamed. Other common causes of nasal polyps include asthma and chronic respiratory infections. In some cases, the cause of the polyps may not be evident.

Whatever the cause, these small growths in the mucus membranes create a number of unpleasant symptoms in patients, including sinus congestion, headaches and increased frequency of sinus infection.